The mental health impact of the current pandemic. Is, perhaps, not foremost in the minds of most of the public.

We are now over a year into the pandemic and with the vaccine programme going well in the UK, we can be excused for hoping that the travel restrictions may soon be lifted.

However, for those of who enjoy a quick holiday in the costas, we need to keep an eye on the progress of the Spanish vaccine programme.

It will be no good whatsoever if the UK government lifts the travel restrictions but the Spanish government don’t lift their travel ban.

International travel is a two-way process involving both the country of the traveller AND the country of the desired destination.

Improve Mental Health with Spanish Travel
Source: The Telegraph

Our country of choice is Spain because the flight times are reasonably short, the travel cost is not too exorbitant and boy my wife and myself like the Spanish people.

Improve Mental Health

I have a lot invested in my Spanish travel plans because I have spent the last two years trying to become fluent in the Spanish language.

But, I began writing this article with my focus on mental health. So my travel aspirations are very important to my mental health and the mental well-being of my wife.

A holiday is a very important break from the repetitive day-to-day drudgery and a chance to recharge our biological batteries. This is necessary because come the winter, I know that I will become susceptible to SAD or Seasonally Affective Disorder.

SAD is a recognised mental health problem because it is a form of depression. It can be very difficult for a person to admit to being depressed. There are too many negative connotations attached to depression as a health condition.

Some of the things I most look forward to are the restaurants in Spain where I can indulge in fantastic Spanish food accompanied by amazing local wine.

Furthermore, by eating out when on holiday, we meet some incredibly friendly people.

Don’t get me wrong, my holidays are not restricted to the Costas. Sometimes we do go more exotic. Our last holiday of note was to Morocco which was absolutely amazing. And the Moroccan food wasn’t half bad.

The Right Language

My only disappointment was the language. I had been of the understanding that the language of Morocco was French. So, I spent weeks brushing up on my schoolboy French only to discover only Arabic speakers where we went.

Furthermore, you can encounter language problem much closer to home. If you take a trip to Newcastle you will need to learn Geordie, in case you meet the hairy bikers albeit only Si King is from Tyneside.

Finally, just reliving my recent travels has brought some relief from lockdown syndrome. I can relax knowing that I just might get back to Spain this year.
Just in case your feet are as itchy as mine, I included a link to the Spanish Tourism site at

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